Managed Forex Accounts and Diversified Portfolios

Forex and Portfolio Risk Reduction

Forex can help decrease risk in an investment portfolio through diversity.

With prudent allocation, a managed Forex account may help reduce the overall risk of a portfolio. A sensible investor should ensure that at least a portion of their portfolio is allocated to an alternative asset that has the potential to perform well when other parts of the portfolio may be underperforming.

Other potential benefits of a managed Forex account may include:
• Historically competitive returns over the longer term
• Returns independent of traditional stock and bond markets
• Access to global markets
• The unique implementation of conventional and non–traditional trading styles
• Potential exposure to as many as one hundred and fifty markets globally
• The Forex market typically has a high degree of liquidity.

If suitable to a client’s objectives, devoting twenty to forty-five percent of a typical portfolio to alternative investments may increase returns and lower volatility. Because alternative investments may not react in the same way as stocks and bonds to market conditions, they can be used to diversify investments across different asset classes, potentially resulting in less volatility and less risk. While it is true that many Forex managed accounts have historically profited, there is no guarantee that an individual managed Forex program will continue to benefit in the future. There is also no guarantee that an individual managed Forex account will not suffer losses in the future.