Atlas Forex Managed Account Program

Atlas Forex Managed Account Program Track Record

Atlas Forex Managed Account Program

The Atlas Forex Managed Account Program (“The program”) trades the currency market using a discretionary methodology that relies heavily on system-based analysis of major currency pairs to arrive at a trading decision. The objective is to generate a consistent return on the assets under management (AUM) while effectively managing the risk inherent in the marketplace on positions established in the program.

Forex Portfolio Diversification

Our approach results in an entity that is uncorrelated with most popular asset classes, thereby enhancing its appeal as a viable asset class to successfully diversify a traditional portfolio.

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) states that a diversified portfolio of uncorrelated asset classes yields the highest return with the least amount of volatility.

Proprietary Approach

The program follows trends and interprets market price-action to identify entry and exit points, in order to meet this goal, while capturing fleeting opportunities. Our dynamic strategies focus on maximizing the profit potential of every trade resulting in the favorable return profile that is the defining aspect of this program.

The fund operator believes that preservation of equity is essential to its appreciation and has tailored the money and risk management systems of the program to reflect this.

Effective Risk/ Reward Targets

The money management system determines and limits the amount of equity committed to each trade, and risk is managed through the execution of stop-loss orders that are determined by a set of predefined market-reactive variables and attached to each trade at its inception.

Therefore, target returns can be achieved while limiting the downside risk in order to help meet the objectives of the program. More information is available on the FX Alpha TF, administered at the leading international brokerage, and can be requested by completing the form below.

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